Dr. Wendy Tran started her career with a dream of creating a family eye care practice.  After completing her doctorate training from the University of California at Berkeley in 1991, she created Blink Optometry with that goal in mind.  For over twenty years, Blink Optometry has been a preferred optometric center for patient care.  Dr. Tran co-manages Lasik surgery, glaucoma, and cataract patients with many local ophthalmology groups.  She also works with various medical groups to manage patients with ocular problems resulting from systemic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Using state-of-the-art computerized imaging to diagnose and demonstrate,  Dr. Tran believes in empowering our patients to get actively involved in their own eye care.  

Dr. Tran also believes in combining eye health and beauty.  To that end, Blink Optometry has an extensive collection of frame designs and beauty enhancing contact lenses.   Dr. Tran uses the latest technology and innovative products to help patients see better and look better.  She is an expert in fitting autofocus continuous multifocal contact lenses that allow patients to focus at all distances.  Blink Optometry has an in-house laboratory that uses free-form digital lens equipment to process optically clear lenses quickly, saving our patients time and money.  Each member of our staff enjoys a professional and caring relationship with our patients and among ourselves. We are committed to providing first class service to our patients.